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Parental Minds Parent Support Hub

Parental Minds gives support to families who are struggling with their mental health.

We are now able to offer 1:1 peer support and access to our low-cost, open-ended counselling service for parent / caregivers in Cullompton and Culm Valley area.

Our trained parent/caregiver peer support workers provide person centred support via 1:1 calls, messaging, sharing resources and connect families with a range of organisations and services that are recommended by professionals or by those with lived experience.

We also facilitate small virtual peer support groups for members who are experiencing similar challenges and run monthly online skills workshops. These include communication, self-care, living with emotions, navigating change and dealing with meltdowns and mayhem (and many more).

Through our Parent+ Virtual Hubs, we provide support and information, allowing caregivers to grow in strength and knowledge. We are passionate about empowering individuals to be curious about the services they use and equipping them with the tools to meet their family’s needs. We can offer emotional support to parents, a safe space to vent, support guides, navigation to other services and opportunities to try new skills if things aren’t currently working well.  

Parental Minds in Culm Valley: What We Do
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